Link Exchanges and the Calling Guides network of sites is interested in establishing links with relevant high-quality websites - emphasis on relevant and high-quality.

We prefer to establish links with informational or media-type sites - city or country portals, travel sites, telephone information, blogs, etc. We are also interested in linking to sites which provide useful functionality to our visitors - e.g., sites offering supplement telephone dialing, phone number, or other complementary information.

link exchange

In general, we don't exchange links with calling card, VoIP, or other such product vendors - at least not on an unpaid basis. But we will evaluate requests on a case-by-case basis.

We will not link to or participate in sketchy linking schemes with low quality sites.

We especially favor keyword-rich, context-relevant text linking - which is to say, we are looking for real links embedded into meaningful content with customized link text. We are prepared to offer similar embedded content links to suitable parties.

Such links may be possible from one or many of our sites, as the situation merits.

Since we are interested in capturing the SEO benefits of linking, we require backlinks to our site be followable links on indexed pages.

If you would like to discuss further, please email us at info - at -


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